International Journal of Robotics and Automation Engineering

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International Journal of Robotic Engineering & Automation Technology is an online open access journal covering high quality of manuscripts both relevant and applicable to the broad field of computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and interdisciplinary regions involving these various fields.

Focus and Scope:

The Journal aim is to explore the research and ideas among eminent dignitaries for a better scope in the field of robotics and innovations that deal with automated machines to work at manufacturing industries and dangerous environments in the place of humans.
All published articles are permanently archived and available at Kosmos Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats

Highlighted Topics:

  • Advancements in Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control Systems
  • Computer Software in Robotics Engineering
  • Design and Modelling of Robotic Mechanisms
  • Diagnosis and Detection Technology in Mechatronic Systems
  • Field Robotics
  • Globalization of Robotics and Social Implications
  • Human-Robot Interaction and Human Centered Systems
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  • Robotics Automation and Technology
  • Remote controlled Pick and Place video analyzing robot
  • Control of robot manipulators in contact with the environment
  • Pick and Place jumping robot with remote control
  • Intelligent home security robot
  • Multi-robot control methodologies and computational issues
  • Robots and New Technologies: Programmed to Understand and Interact
  • Robots for rent- New Concepts
  • Arbitrary articulated robotic arms
  • Ball-shaped robots to inspect nuclear plants
  • Intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology
  • Path Finding Robots(PFRs)
  • Borewell Rescue Robots
  • Legged Capsule Robots in Medicine
  • Networked Robotic Cameras
  • Image-based Robot Control
  • Collective robotics and Mobile Computing
  • Novel Robot Architectures for New Surgical Frontiers
  • Model-based Robotics
  • Robots that can recognise human emotions
  • Robots In Radioactive Environments
  • Characterization of Multi-Robot Swarm
  • Human-Robot Interfaces for Large Robot Teams
  • Autonomous Mobile Manipulation for the Motor Impaired
  • Robot Origami
  • Sensor Fusion for Mobile Robot Localization and Navigation
  • Kephera3
  • Social robotics
  • Smarter Robots to Inspect Aging Nukes
  • Collective robotics
  • Autonomous robotics
  • PolyBot – Modular, self-reconfigurable robots
  • Forward and inverse kinematic models
  • Tele operated intelligent mobile robot
  • Intelligent Way Searching Pick and Place Robot
  • Autonomous multi-robot systems
  • The Mechanical Linkage
  • Actuators and Transmissions
  • Robotics Engineering Seminar Topics
  • Robots at Space Exploration
  • Biped/ Humanoid Robots
  • Developments of Robot’s Intelligence
  • Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Biomimetic Materials for Sensor’s of Robots
  • Artificial Muscles for Robots
  • Innovative Grasping for Robots.
  • Safety Aspects for Robots.
  • Bush Robot
  • Underwater Robot
  • Neural Network based control for Robots
  • Robots for Defence Applications
  • Embedded System & Robotics
  • the RCX Brick and Robolab