Guidelines for Authors

  • Title: Title should be short and relevant to the work. It should be brief and should give idea about work.
  • Author Affiliation and Corresponding Author: Complete description of author should be provided like, Name, University/Department/Professor, Country, State, City, Email and phone number(Optional)
  • Abstract: An abstract summarizes the work done in not more than 300-400 words. I should contain brief description about project, road blocks, investigations, major findings during analysis and conclusion in exhaustive manner.
  • Keywords: All the keywords which look catchy to the reader should be listed alphabetically to make readers life easy.
  • Main text Includes:
  1. List down the main ideas about the work done in sentences and explain why we choose to work on topic.
  2. Make sure you build the project circling around the title of project.
  3. Support the ideas related to the project accordingly with the analytical records and major findings(pictorial or mathematical or any other forms). Make sure findings support the project firmly.
  4. Summarize by providing evidences and analytical reports.
  5. References are to be followed the summary. All the references should be listed and cited in defined manner.
  • Acknowledgement: It includes Full name of all individuals who are being thanked.
  • A brief statement as to what kind of help the writer has received from everyone, group of people, scholarship, etc.


Video Article 910
Original/Research Article 760
Review Article 760
Mini-reviews 560
Case report / Case Study 610
Short communication 460
Short Commentary 460
Image 410
Letters to the Editor/ Editorial 410

Withdrawal Policy:
In case author opts to withdraw his/her manuscript from us, he/she should have to pay 30% of the Article Processing fee(APC). This is valid only after peer review. If Author withdraws before peer review he/she need not to pay any withdrawal charges.