Guidelines for Reviewers

Review of an article is very important aspect in publishing as based on this decision on article publishing is taken and if required author will be given chance to improve manuscript.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Summarize the article in brief paragraph and compare for conflicts.
  2. List out major areas of the work and analyze weather the work is current, interesting, have sufficient impact on reader and knowledge base.
  3. Give specific comments on various departments like, title, abstract, introduction, method, statistical errors, results, conclusion/discussion, language and references if necessary.
  4. Check all the analytical records and findings weather they are relevant to subject and check weather they provide strong support to work.
  5. If rework has been done, then review on redone work and take decision on it.
  6. Ensure that the paper is unambiguous and comprehensible, even if the English is not perfect.
  7. Scientific notations, equations, superscript, citation, subscript, figure, diagrams, references, bibliography etc. are devoid of any errors.
  8. Once all the review work has been done send the report to Editor in chief and publishing house along with the decision.

Reviewer’s Decision:

  1. Revise: I can be major or minor like, Grammatical errors, abstract editing, general body revisions, result editing etc.
  2. Accept: if the paper is suitable for publication in its current form and it has met with all required norms and guidelines.
  3. Reject: if the paper is not suitable for publication with this journal or if the revisions that would need to be undertaken are too fundamental for the submission to continue being considered in its current form.