Manuscript Guidelines

  • Title: The title should be relevant to work and should not exceed 25 words.
  • Abstract: It is limited to 175-300 words and should highlight the keywords and key areas of the work in brief manner along with results and conclusion.
  • Keywords: List out few words best suitable for the work, they may not match syntonically match the topic name.
  • Main Text: No need to add any Headers or footers in this page. Headings are texts and should be formatted according to priority levels:
  1. Primary Heading: Centered with every first letter in capital forms, bold, colored if required.
  2. Secondary Heading: Flush left with title-style capitalization (first letter of each word) and in both boldface and italics.
  3. Tertiary Heading: Left side, with first letter in capitalized. Can be excluded.
  • Mathematical Equations: Best practice is to encode them in MathML,TIFF or EPS. Tables can be encoded in XML formats for the easy uploads. Please avoid using Equation Editor for simple in-line mathematical copy, symbols, and equations.
  • Tables: All the tables can be at the end of the text or within the text. They should be numbered according to their placement in the text if attached at the end of journal.
  • Figures: Figures can be at the end of the table or within the text. Graphical pictures should have brief and meaningful descriptions at the bottom of the image, if attached at the end of the text they should be well citied(numerically).
  • Peer Review: The practice of peer review is to ensure that only good science is published. It is an objective process at the heart of good scholarly publishing and is carried out by all reputable scientific journals. Our referees play a vital role in maintaining the high standards Transport Policy and all manuscripts are peer reviewed following the procedure outlined below
  • Plagiarism should be checked.


Video Article 910
Original/Research Article 760
Review Article 760
Mini-reviews 560
Case report / Case Study 610
Short communication 460
Short Commentary 460
Image 410
Letters to the Editor/ Editorial 410

Withdrawal Policy:
In case author opts to withdraw his/her manuscript from us, he/she should have to pay 30% of the Article Processing fee(APC). This is valid only after peer review. If Author withdraws before peer review he/she need not to pay any withdrawal charges.